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gakkenflex-less days

These days without a working Gakkenflex is giving me severe withdrawal symptoms.

A fair amount of great photo opportunities came by over the last couple of days. But I felt I couldn't immortalise them properly without my Gakkenflex! I took that thing with me everywhere, every time.

I bought two new cameras via eBay last week to fill in the void that was left in my heart when it broke, but they both haven't arrived. My sister and my friends tell me that I should just buy another one at Kinokuniya, but it just wouldn't be the same you know? To me, that camera had an identity! It had experiences. It had memories. It had sentimental value. To simply replace it wouldn't seem right.

Eh, I'm not making sense anymore. I'm all over the place.

Dammit, I wish that I didn't have to bump into him that day! It was probably because I saw him, I got really mad and ended up winding the knob harder than usual. Argh! Dammit, why must you be torturing me?!
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