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I woke up to a rather odd dream this morning. For some odd reason Penny Wong had a book signing at Sydney terminal in Central Station. Of all places for the Australian environmental minister to have a book signing! She pulled me over to one side where she said that she knew that I liked watching Cardcaptor Sakura, further commenting that it was WAY better than Tsubasa...

Double-yew tee eff much!

Why in the world did I have that dream?!

She also seemed very motherly in my dream, like we've known each other for eons.

Yes, a strange dream indeed.

The dream shifted to me playing Pokemon Black where I caught a Shiny Raichu at Mt. Silver, even though you can't go there. I woke up devastated when I realised it was all a dream.

Oh Shiny Pokemon...

It's weird how situations in dreams change so drastically but seem so fluid and rational. Like, it just seems normal, you know? You don't think twice that it's a dream.

I went out for a bit this afternoon and bumped into my manager. And it seems like that I'll be working at his convenience store again over the summer. I'm not complaining much since I need the money and I need something to do to keep me occupied over the next three or so months. I actually didn't ever quit in the first place. I just told my manager that I can't work because of uni, so I got my position changed from being a part-timer to being an "on-call worker".

So yeah, that was my day.
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