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state of mind

State of Mind (Interlude)

Words and Music by Hooful.
Written on Wednesday 16th of December 2009.

State of mind: it's but an interlude
Tell me why, how could you be so rude?
And if you could, you'd be misunderstood
That's why it's for your own good.


I found the melody for this unfinished piece when I was sorting out my Macbook folders and files a while ago today. And I remembered that I wrote the lyrics on my Twitter a while back so I went back there to check what they were. I think I had a big argument with someone when I wrote this silly piece.

It's silly 'cause it doesn't really make sense. I just wrote the first things that came to mind that fitted with the melody. It's in B flat minor, by the way.

... okay, I'll go back into hiding now.
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