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oh seven, try to be free [25 May 2011|06:51pm]
Livejournal, I always come back to you when I'm stressed or in need of some comfort away from everyone.

I have two 3000-word unit plans (one for English and the other for Japanese) due tomorrow and I haven't finished either. I started English yesterday but didn't get far, and I'm working on Japanese right now. I don't think I've ever been this mentally exhausted and stressed in my whole life.

I won't be sleeping at all tonight, and I don't think I'll be heading to my first tutorial tomorrow morning. I want to stay positive and say that I'll pull through eventually, but it's going to be too hard.

I can't see myself getting a credit mark for any of these units. I am really scared.
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2008 [21 Mar 2011|11:55pm]
Why can't I turn back the clock to 2008? That was the greatest year of my life. It was the most happiest year of my life. Knowing that it's been three years since then is making my heart break.
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10, 10. [23 Dec 2010|08:03pm]
I've got roughly ten hours left of being a teenager. An acquaintance told me that being in your 20's flies by just like that. Now I'm really scared.
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feeling like a beast at the moment [13 Dec 2010|10:45pm]
Because I managed to rhyme "flavourless" with "dangerous" when writing lyrics for a song earlier.

I always have a hard time writing lyrics, but this is the first time everything's coming together just like that.

Unfortunately my lyric-writing skills aren't as high up as Tiffany's or Fadlih's.
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gakkenflex-less days [06 Dec 2010|01:16am]
These days without a working Gakkenflex is giving me severe withdrawal symptoms.

A fair amount of great photo opportunities came by over the last couple of days. But I felt I couldn't immortalise them properly without my Gakkenflex! I took that thing with me everywhere, every time.

I bought two new cameras via eBay last week to fill in the void that was left in my heart when it broke, but they both haven't arrived. My sister and my friends tell me that I should just buy another one at Kinokuniya, but it just wouldn't be the same you know? To me, that camera had an identity! It had experiences. It had memories. It had sentimental value. To simply replace it wouldn't seem right.

Eh, I'm not making sense anymore. I'm all over the place.

Dammit, I wish that I didn't have to bump into him that day! It was probably because I saw him, I got really mad and ended up winding the knob harder than usual. Argh! Dammit, why must you be torturing me?!
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gakkenflex [24 Nov 2010|11:14pm]
12th of July 2010 - 24th of November 2010.

Thank you very much for being a part of my life for the last four or so months. You've helped me immortalise an array of lovely memories beautifully. I'm sorry I couldn't introduce you to my high school friends.

They would've loved you.

Although I'm currently in a state of emotional ruin and depression, I'd like to thank you once again. No one can ever replace you.

Goodbye, my gakkenflex.
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i'm sorry. [22 Nov 2010|12:27am]
You want to know why I say sorry all the time?

It's because I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone.
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バカだな [21 Nov 2010|12:26am]




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penny, pokemon, work. [23 Oct 2010|12:20am]
I woke up to a rather odd dream this morning. For some odd reason Penny Wong had a book signing at Sydney terminal in Central Station. Of all places for the Australian environmental minister to have a book signing! She pulled me over to one side where she said that she knew that I liked watching Cardcaptor Sakura, further commenting that it was WAY better than Tsubasa...

Double-yew tee eff much!

Why in the world did I have that dream?!

She also seemed very motherly in my dream, like we've known each other for eons.

Yes, a strange dream indeed.

The dream shifted to me playing Pokemon Black where I caught a Shiny Raichu at Mt. Silver, even though you can't go there. I woke up devastated when I realised it was all a dream.

Oh Shiny Pokemon...

It's weird how situations in dreams change so drastically but seem so fluid and rational. Like, it just seems normal, you know? You don't think twice that it's a dream.

I went out for a bit this afternoon and bumped into my manager. And it seems like that I'll be working at his convenience store again over the summer. I'm not complaining much since I need the money and I need something to do to keep me occupied over the next three or so months. I actually didn't ever quit in the first place. I just told my manager that I can't work because of uni, so I got my position changed from being a part-timer to being an "on-call worker".

So yeah, that was my day.
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fate [01 Oct 2010|12:12am]
Dearest Fate,

Why are you so cruel to me? I know you're never going to give me that thing that I've always wanted, despite tangling it in front of me for the third time in my life today.

It's days like these where you lose all hope.
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love me, love me [22 Sep 2010|11:31pm]
This program is coming to you via relay-to satellite: a spacecraft orbiting the earth at a speed of over 17,000 miles per hour. The musical selections you're about to hear were first tape recorded and fed into a transmitter where they were beamed to relay-to spacecraft. As you listen to the musical selections, note the clarity and excellent stereophonic separation between the left and right channels, even after traversing over 12,00 miles through space.

...love me, love me, say that you love me.

Okay, this is totally Tumblr material, but I seldom post quotes or anything on there, so I'm posting it here instead.
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i'll come back tomorrow [07 Sep 2010|01:00am]
I was going to vent, but Firefox died on me.

So I'll skip the boring bits and I'll just say what I wanted to eventually say. There are a lot of things going on in my mind, and I really need someone to talk to about these things.
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perfumen live at nicoradio [29 Jun 2010|11:43pm]
Perfumen live at Nicoradio 28.06.2010.

Last night, on Monday June 28, Perfumen were guests on Nicoradio! The hour-long program hosted Yamada Hisashi was watched by approximately 15,000 viewers.

Perfumen is made up of three guys who do dance covers of Perfume's songs. Megane (眼鏡), the guy in the glass who dances to A~chan's parts; Shirofuku (白服), the guy who always wears white and dances to Nocchi's parts; and Kamen2 (仮面2), the guy in the mask who dances to Kashiyuka's parts. They began uploading their dance covers on Niconico Douga in mid 2008 and started to garner fans when their cover of "Dream Fighter" appeared on the front page. The group also post videos of song covers and even participated in halyosy's "Smiling Together" song which is sung by many of Niconico's most talented singers. Perfumen have also done a couple of live events.

3人合わせてパフューメンです。Collapse )
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vernacular [13 May 2010|03:13am]
English essay, go away, don't come back another day.

I don't think I'll be able to write 2000 words for my Australian Literature essay that's due at 4pm this afternoon. From the notes I've written down, I think I can squeeze about 1500+ words. Oh, and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like I'm gonna be heading off to class today. I mean, it's 3am, I've completed my intro and I have fragmented dot points beneath each argument in my body.

... okay, bybes!

(That's short for 'bye babes', for those who are wondering).
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so you're there [10 May 2010|08:42pm]
They've found my MP3 player! Zak found it in his room.

All is well.
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mp3 player [10 May 2010|12:17am]
I lost my MP3 player.

The last time I saw it was when I was at Zak's house. It was in my bag. I think I must've dropped it somewhere in his room when I was packing up.

Le sigh... that was my birthday present that I got from ABCCDHJN for my seventeenth birthday.

Goodbye where ever you are.
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state of mind [18 Apr 2010|05:05pm]
State of Mind (Interlude)

Words and Music by Hooful.
Written on Wednesday 16th of December 2009.

State of mind: it's but an interlude
Tell me why, how could you be so rude?
And if you could, you'd be misunderstood
That's why it's for your own good.


I found the melody for this unfinished piece when I was sorting out my Macbook folders and files a while ago today. And I remembered that I wrote the lyrics on my Twitter a while back so I went back there to check what they were. I think I had a big argument with someone when I wrote this silly piece.

It's silly 'cause it doesn't really make sense. I just wrote the first things that came to mind that fitted with the melody. It's in B flat minor, by the way.

... okay, I'll go back into hiding now.
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earl grey [23 Mar 2010|11:00am]
Twinings: Earl Grey.

Oh Earl Grey, you shall be accompanying me tonight as I struggle and stress over my horrendous Australian Literature research essay. It's times like these where I wish I chose to do Shakespeare Studies as my English elective this semester.

... oh well.

I got two out of four journal articles that I need, so I should be okay, hopefully. Let's get this over and done with!
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zak [13 Mar 2010|11:40pm]
Zak is cool.

I was at Zak's house today after class. Zak and the other the guys who worked on that "She Will Be Mine" song we made in November want to make another song so we had a mini meeting to put our ideas together regarding our upcoming projects!

After a bit of brainstorming, for some odd reason we started to draw mini caricatures of each other. Zak drew all of us, whilst I drew a pic of Zak!

I think I drew him with bigger guns than he actually has... Oh well! When we showed each other what we drew, he immediately went "Mad!" Zak's mini drawings of us were hilariously cute too!

Okiyoh! It's time I strap myself to the beast and write like crazy once again!
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the season of tears [13 Mar 2010|01:02am]
The last few days have been quite cool and refreshing. It feels like autumn is finally here! And let's hope it stays this way, 'cause it's really annoying arrive to lectures and tutorials dripping in sweat, on top of having messy hair.

I just realised I haven't been putting photos along with my blog posts recently. Photo-less entries feel so naked and unloved. I've realised that a lot of people get pulled in to an entry whenever there's a photo or a picture.

What can I write about today?

I've been having dreams where I'm hanging out with my best friends from primary school -- the boy best friend (who I'll refer to as J) and the girl best friend (R).

J appeared in my dream last night. It was kind of a bizarre dream involving us taking photos of road signs with graffiti drawings of grizzly bears. There was one bit in the dream where we were our 19 year old selves, the present us. We were visiting our old primary school and realising how small all the furniture and architecture really is. But the moment we stepped into the basketball court, we returned back to our 11-year-old selves. The cries, laughter and chit-chat of children began blanketing the playground once more.

There was my whole year six class playing basketball.

But somehow no matter how much I tried to join in, or how many people I approached, no one would respond to me or notice my presence. It almost felt like one of those juxtaposition scenes from a movie where you'd have one guy walking slowly in sorrow whilst the people around him are frolicking with happiness.

To me, year six was the most awkward and painful year of my life.

I was afraid of losing the friends I grew up with.

I was afraid of losing the friends who I loved and couldn't wait to see everyday.

But everyone was slowly transitioning from being a child to a teenager.

I had a friend who I thought was a close friend who started hating me because he thought I liked the person he like. It's like, "Hello? We're still kids! Why are you thinking of such things?! We've got the rest of our lives to be worrying about that! Let's just enjoy the last few moments we have left!"

What's killing me even more is that he probably still resents me. He added like everyone from primary school on Facebook who I have except for me. Even the people who he openly hated. I know I shouldn't be flustered by this...

Oh far out, I'm crying now. Argh! This music isn't helping. It's making me remember the good times and bad times of primary school. The friends I once loved who I might never be able to sit down and have a nice long conversation ever again.

My mind's not thinking straight at the moment.
My eyes are slowly becoming heavier.

Maybe we'll meet again tonight, in my dreams.
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